Daimler Double-Six 5.3L Coupe 1974-1978 Exhaust System

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Daimler Double-Six 5.3L Coupe 1974-1978 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

R.H. Front Pipe (4 hole flanges) GEX1683 SSJR189
L.H. Front Pipe (4 hole flanges) GEX1684 SSJR190
Link Pipe GEX1742 SSJR254
Link Pipe GEX1743 SSJR255
R.H. Front Silencer GEX3718 SSJR236
L.H. Front Silencer GEX3719 SSJR237
R.H. Over Axle Pipe GEX1822 SSJR223
L.H. Over Axle Pipe GEX1823 SSJR224
R.H. Rear Silencer GEX3646 SSJR187
L.H. Rear Silencer GEX3647 SSJR188
Tailpipe  GEX1656 SSJR259
Tailpipe  GEX1657 SSJR259

This product is made to order and normally takes 4 weeks to manufacture.