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Daimler Sovereign Series I 4.2L (S.W.B.) 1968-1974 Exhaust System

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Daimler Sovereign Series I 4.2L (Short Wheel Base) 1968-1974 Exhaust System

Twin Front Pipe GEX1676 SSJR176
Y-Piece   SSJR169
R.H. Interpipe   SSJR1121
L.H. Interpipe   SSJR1132
R.H. Front Silencer GEX3656 SSJR122
L.H. Front Silencer GEX3657 SSJR123
R.H. Over Axle Pipe GEX1509 SSJR145
L.H. Over Axle Pipe GEX1510 SSJR146
Rear Silencer (Brackets) GEX3427 SSJR147
Rear Silencer (Brackets) GEX3428 SSJR148
R.H. Tailpipe GEX1511 SSJR149
L.H. Tailpipe GEX1512 SSJR150

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