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Daimler SP250 Dart 1959-1965 Exhaust System

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Daimler SP250 Dart 1959-1965 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

R.H. Front Pipe 136169 SSJR500
L.H. Front Pipe 136170 SSJR501
L.H.  Balance Pipe 308053 SSJR502/1
R.H. Balance Pipe 308053 SSJR502/1
Silencer 308064 SSJR503
Silencer 308064 SSJR503
R.H. Tailpipe 136174 SSJR504
L.H. Tailpipe 136175 SSJR505

The Daimler SP250 is a sports car built by the Daimler Company, a British manufacturer in Coventry, from 1959 to 1964. It was the last car to be launched by Daimler before its parent company, the Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA), sold it to Jaguar Cars in 1960. 2,654 SP250s were produced in five years of production, far short of the projection of 3,000 per year.

This stainless steel exhaust system comprises left- and right-hand front pipes (SSJR500 and SSJR501), balance pipes (SSJR502/1 x 2), two silencers (SSJR503 x 2) and left- and right-hand tailpipes (SSJR504 and SSJR505).

This product is made to order and normally takes 4 weeks to manufacture.