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Jaguar E-Type 3.8L Series1 1961-1968 Exhaust System

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Jaguar E-Type 3.8L Series 1 1961-1968 Exhaust System

This stainless steel exhaust system is designed for the Jaguar E-Type Series 1 with 3.8 litre petrol engine with long body and short tail. The system comprises two front pipes (right hand: SSJR55 and left hand: SSJR56), a twin centre silencer (SSJR57), two connecting pipes (SSJR83 and SSJR84) and right- and left-hand silencers (SSJR23 and SSJR24).
The Series 1 Jaguar E-Type was launched in the UK in July 1961. The cars at this time used the triple SU carburetted 3.8-litre six-cylinder Jaguar XK6 engine from the XK150S. Earlier built cars utilised external bonnet latches which required a tool to open and had a flat floor design.

Double S Exhausts recommend this stainless steel exhaust system due to its longevity and performance benefits.

R.H. Front Pipe GEX1186 SSJR55
L.H. Front Pipe GEX1187 SSJR56
Twin Centre Silencer GEX3161 SSJR57
R.H. Connecting Pipe GEX1175 SSJR83
L.H. Connecting Pipe GEX1176 SSJR84
R.H. Rear Silencer (Long body, short tail) SSJR23
L.H. Rear Silencer (Long body, short tail) SSJR24

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