Jaguar E-Type Series 1

The Series 1 Jaguar E-Type was introduced in the UK in 1961. The cars at this time used the 3.8-litre six-cylinder Jaguar XK6 engine from the XK150S. The 3.8-litre engine was increased to 4.2 litres in October 1964.

The Jaguar E-Type is widely regarded as one of the most important sports cars of all time; Enzo Ferrari described the Jaguar E-Type as "the most beautiful car in the world". In 1961, when 70mph was rapid for the average family runabout, the E-Type could reach an incredible 150mph.

The Series 1 E-Type was manufactured until 1968, although production of the replacement (now known as the Series 1.5) did overlap with this.