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Peugeot 604 STi 1981-1985 Exhaust System

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Peugeot 604 STi 1981-1985 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

R.H. Front Pipe   SSPG55
L.H. Front Pipe   SSPG54
Centre Silencer   SSPG1040
R.H. Connecting Pipe   SSPG1060
L.H. Connecting Pipe   SSPG1050
R.H. Rear Silencer + Tailpipe   SSPG1080
L.H. Rear Silencer + Tailpipe   SSPG1070

The Peugeot 604 is an executive car produced by the French manufacturer Peugeot from 1975 to 1985.

The 604 was launched in 1975 as the 604 SL. In September 1977 the somewhat quicker 604 TI model was added and in 1981 the 604 STi, with Michelin TRX tyres and alloy wheels, was introduced.

This stainless steel exhaust system comprises left- and right-hand front pipes (SSPG54 and SSPG55), centre silencer (SSPG1040), left- and right-hand connecting pipes (SSPG1060 and SSPG1050) and left- and right-hand rear silencers and tailpipes (SSPG1080 and SSPG1070).

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