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Sunbeam Motor Car Company Limited was a British motor car manufacturer based in Blakenhall, West Midlands from 1901. In spite of its well-regarded cars and aero engines, by 1934 a long period of very slow sales had incurred continuing losses, Sunbeam was picked up by the Rootes brothers. Manufacture of Sunbeam's now old-fashioned cars did not resume under the new owners.

Rootes had intended to sell luxury cars under the Sunbeam name but nearly four years later in 1938 the two brothers instead chose to add the name Sunbeam to their Talbot branded range of Rootes designs calling them Sunbeam-Talbots. In 1954 they dropped the word Talbot leaving just Sunbeam, which continued to appear as a marque name until 1976.

Double S Exhausts manufacture stainless steel exhaust systems for the Sunbeam Alpine, Rapier and Tiger.